Algorithms_in_C 1.0.0
Set of algorithms implemented in C.
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 Program to generate Cantor ternary set
 Function to convert a Cartesian co-ordinate to polar form.
 Implementation of Collatz' conjecture
 Program to perform the extended Euclidean algorithm
 Compute factorial of arbitrarily large numbers by storing individual digits in a byte.
 Program to print the nth term of the Fibonacci series.
 Compute \(m^{mth}\) Fibonacci number using the formulae:
 Finding Fibonacci number of any n number using [Binet's closed form formula]('s_formula) compute \(f_{nth}\) Fibonacci number using the binet's formula: Fn = 1√5 * (1+√5 / 2)^n+1 − 1√5 * (1−√5 / 2)^n+1.
 Program to identify if a number is palindrome number or not.
 Program to identify if a number is prime number or not.
 Prime Sieve algorithm implementation.
 Strong number is a number whose sum of all digits’ factorial is equal to the number n For example: 145 = 1!(1) + 4!(24) + 5!(120)